Meet Michelle

In the beginning, there was a young girl with the love for all things fashion.  In fact, it would one day become her livelihood.  Well, that “one day” came and went and the “livelihood” begot a computer science degree.  Now flash forward several years, um, a few more...couple of more…yepper 2010 and still in the computer industry <sigh>.

Well the beautiful thing about life is that we can dream.  And if the dream stays in your heart, such as mine has, it’s something that was meant for you and it’s never too late to turn that dream into intention.  So join me as I embark on 2011 finding the loveliest of all things beautiful in the world of fashion and hopefully create styles that will inspire you.

I look forward to your visits, feedback and comments.  Thank you for taking the time to visit my new world!

…..Do dream, Do be inspired, Do live beautifully….

Much Love,