Monday, February 21, 2011

{Nothing to Wear, Part 2: Wardrobe Rehab}

Nothing to Wear, Part 2:  Wardrobe Rehab

This could be painful girls, but it will be liberating at the same time!  It is time to align the closet to your defined style and organize it to make it accessible to your everyday needs.  Like any rehab program…this is going to take a bit of time.  So block off a day, turn on your favorite music and grab some caffeine (no wine girls, drunk shopping – even if in your own closet – never, never yields good results).

Here are the steps that I recently used to overhaul my closet.  Hopefully they will help you on your journey.

·         I defined four separate areas (Yes, No, Alterations, Maybe) in my bedroom to sort each item of clothing from my closet
·         I started on the left side of my closet and worked around
·         With each item, I tried it on and asked myself three questions (and yes, I did answer myself)
o   Do I LOVE it?
o   Is it flattering?
o   Does it match my style and my style statement?
·         Then the piece was sorted to the appropriate area
·         For all the items from the “Yes” pile, back to the closet but in a very structured manner
o   I used identical, clear hangers so that they do not distract from the clothes and create a visually pleasing look.  Using like hangers also allows the clothes to hang more uniformly.  Or maybe I’m just OCD.
o    I created sections starting with robes, scarves, dresses, pants/jeans, blouses, jackets and workout apparel.
o   Each section is sorted by color.  For my blouses/tops, each section started with tanks then progressed to short sleeve and lastly long sleeve.
o   Sweaters are folded and organized on a shelf (by color of course)
o   Belts are organized into a basket for easy viewing.
o   My current rotations of shoes are organized on a shoe rack on the floor.  Out of season and special occasion shoes are organized on shoe rack on the upper shelf. 

Safe for a glass of wine now?  I think YES!

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