Saturday, February 12, 2011

{Nothing to Wear, Part1: Define YOUR Style}

Do the words “I have nothing to wear” venture from your mouth on one too many occasion?  For the most part, could you simply record the phrase and hit the play button upon each entry into your closet to save some time?   Is anyone answering “yes”…..aah, there you are, good, I’m not alone. 
How do we vanquish these harmless five words that once joined together create more angst to women everywhere?  So glad you asked, we begin with defining our style…….
Nothing to Wear, Part 1:  Define YOUR Style
Anyone can be “in fashion”, just follow the leads from the current fashion magazines and rules of the season.  But style is personal – no rules, no seasons – it comes from within.  Every time you dress you assert some aspect of yourself and your identity.  Our identity is who we are – our soul, our spirit, our personality.  Our image is what we project.  With style, you tell the world who you are on any given day by aligning your identify and the image…you exude confidence.   BUT, this is where fashion frustration begins when we are not sure of one or both.
So own your look by first identifying your style type.  You may be one dominant type or a combination:
·         Classic
·         Chic
·         Whimsical
·         Bohemian
·         Avant-garde
Next, how do you want to be perceived by others at this time in your life?  Don’t be scared or back away from the first words that pop into your mind, what did you come up with – “put together”, “sexy”, “beautiful”, “creative”.
And lastly, think of people in your life or a celebrity whose personal style you admire because they dress in a way that is appropriate to their age, body type, and lifestyle.  Now, this is for inspiration only, remember, style is personal…got it?!
So now, what do we have?  A style statement.  A statement that we can use to select the pieces that will build our wardrobe.
Up next-  Nothing to Wear, Part 2:  Wardrobe Rehab

Would love to hear your thoughts and any ideas you have to share on personal style!!

“Fashion fades; style is eternal.”-    Yves Saint Laurent

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