Friday, January 21, 2011

{Five Things}

There are five things that every girl should have to keep her outfit looking fresh and crisp.


  1. Deodorant stains are no problem to remove with this handy little sponge from the Hollywood product line. 
  2. Keep any part of your blouse/top in place or temporarily fix a ripped hem with fashion tape also from the Hollywood product line.
  3. A fabric shaver can make a worn piece of clothing look brand new by removing pills and fuzz.
  4. Lint brush.  No explanation needed here I'm sure.   I also like to keep a travel size in my purse and car.
  5. I feel so Martha Stewart with this one!  I have a little vintage tin that I use to store buttons, stones, threads, etc from all my purchases.  I label the package with the brand and type of clothing (blouse, pants, jacket).  Nothing worse than popping a button last minute and having no replacement. 

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